BHLC’s theater class is unusual compared with most others in that any homeschooler that is in the 1st grade and older, is welcome to join the class. Everyone that wants a part, will get a speaking part – or if they just want to be in the ensemble, that is fine too. Because there will be lots to practice, there will be many practices and help from parents will be necessary. If you do decide to try theater, please know that we will put on a quality, musical production in the spring.

  • This is a 2 semester class. Class cost is $55.00 per semester. If you are not sure about committing a lot of time and effort to 2 semesters, maybe just watching theater to see how it works for a year would be best.
  • As homeschoolers, we understand that absences (and vacations) happen, just please let the director know ASAP and try to keep them to a minimum. If you know you will be absent often, maybe being in the ensemble would be best for that year.
  • Memorization of lines and lyrics needs to occur outside of co-op rehearsals.   It will be imperative that parents help their children several times a week at home.
  • Parents will be REQUIRED to complete a theater job. Parents of children that have larger parts should expect to have the positions with more time involvement.
  • The week before the performance is very important! It is MANDATORY that all cast be at all practices the ENTIRE time unless they are sick. Parents may also be needed this week to help.
  • Costumes (for the most part) will be supplied. You may be asked to purchase certain items that are inexpensive such as socks, tights, etc.
  • All cast members will receive a shirt and pizza at the cast party.

***Students aged 10 and up will have the opportunity to participate in creating, directing, and producing their own show with support and guidance from parents in addition to being part of our all ages show this year. Our older students have asked for the opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and work together to create something amazing and so this is something new we are trying this year. THIS WILL REQUIRE WORK OUTSIDE OF CLASS TIME. Please indicate when registering if your child aged 10 and up would like to participate.****

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