All the World’s a Stage! (Taught by Adam Doran, Martha Himes, and Anna Lueker)

Exploring one of humanity’s most enduring and collaborative art forms, BHLC’s Theatre class welcomes all students (ages 7 and up) to an inclusive, confidence-building, and FUN learning adventure! BHLC Theatre students are encouraged to engage each other, their class work, and the world with fearless creativity, mindful craftsmanship, and mutual respect. Theatre instructs and nurtures these principles by furnishing an extraordinary common goal.

The goal of our work and play through this year-long class is to unite our solo students into an ensemble. Theatre is a storyteller’s craft and an ensemble only realizes its full potential in a tale well told. An ensemble needs an audience! To that end, our ensemble will stage a fully-realized THEATRICAL PRODUCTION at the end of the Spring semester. All aspects of PERFORMANCE (acting, music, dance, etc.) and STAGECRAFT (sets, props, costumes, etc.) will be featured in our production based on the imaginations and aspirations of our ensemble members.

What that means, and what sets BHLC apart, is that each student will contribute to the ensemble at his/her own pace and level of experience. The joys of learning and creative expression often challenge us to tiptoe outside our comfort zones but each of us has a valid and very personal expressive space that must be recognized and respected. So, while we do hold student auditions for general casting of our productions, know that if you want a speaking role – you WILL have a speaking role! If you wish to sing and dance – you WILL sing and dance! If you dream of being very, very quiet while contributing in your own fabulous way – you WILL be quietly fabulous! There is always a vital role for everyone to play as we laugh together and teach each other every week!

Some things to consider:

▪ BHLC Theatre embraces the co-operative ideal. In our ensemble, there are NO small parts. Every member is equally valuable to our success and enjoyment as a community of artists.

▪ Theatre is a 2 semester class. If you or your student are uncertain of making the 2 semester commitment you may want to wait and watch how theatre works this coming year. We’ll understand. A year with unusual characters like us can be exhausting.

▪ Class cost is $55.00 per semester.

▪ The #1 way we show our respect for fellow BHLC students and parents is by being present and ready to work when class starts. We’re a laid-back crew and we appreciate that occasional late arrivals and scheduled/unscheduled absences are facts of life. But this is theatre, and if actors are always missing their entrances and exits it ruins the show! If you know timeliness and attendance will be a particular challenge for you this year, it’s probably best to save a shared-load class like theatre for another year.

▪ All students, teachers, and parents will be held to high standards of class decorum. This may be confusing at first because our class is a place where horseplay and tomfoolery are celebrated! We WILL have epic fun but our fun must be in service to our show and our growth as an ensemble. FOCUSED FUN is our mission – so anything that disrupts focus will also disrupt fun. Nobody wants to be a fun-disruptor.

▪ MEMORIZATION of our performance scripts is a fundamental class expectation. With only 24 scheduled hours of class instruction, students must tackle this challenge outside of our time together. It’s important for parents to help their children with this “homework.” From the outset, we’ll offer guidance and incremental schedules to help with time-management and avoid stress! Whenever possible, work on your scenes out loud and on your feet! It’s more fun and you’ll learn faster! Once you know and understand the words the actual PLAY starts!

▪ Parents are REQUIRED to complete a theatre “job” to assist the production process. Parents of students who accept more demanding roles/ responsibilities should expect to enjoy equal involvement. Early in the process we will communicate assignments and establish teams so everyone is informed, relaxed, and has a buddy system in place. “Involvement” and “stress,” believe it or not, are two entirely different animals. We’re big believers in the former and do our best to avoid the latter.

▪ The week before the performances is magical and requires a significant time commitment and sustained effort! It is MANDATORY that ALL cast & crew attend ALL rehearsals the ENTIRE week barring illness or other extraordinary circumstance. Parents are essential to the success, safety, and good humor of this week.

▪ Costumes will be provided. Parents may be asked to provide inexpensive basics such as socks, tights, etc. Makeup is discouraged outside of specialized character requirements in which case it will be provided.

▪ All ensemble members will earn rapturous applause and a deepened understanding of the human condition. They’ll also get some student designed Theatre t-shirt swag and free pizza at the cast party.

Bonus! *** This year, we are offering to interested students (ages 10 and up) a supplemental Theatre Workshop which will meet Thursday mornings from 9:00-9:40am. This workshop will enhance the experience for older students of the primary theatre class through more intensive exploration of acting techniques and scene work. Physicalization, vocal health & projection, stage combat, character development, dialects, text analysis, and a variety of stagecraft topics may be considered in greater depth as they correlate with the build of the Spring production. Other topics, such as audition techniques & etiquette, theatre fundamentals & history, etc. – may be tackled based on student interest and available time. While the workshop environment is informal and conversational (and ours will also be very interactive and dynamic), it is important to clarify that this is a workshop geared to the requests of students/parents wanting MORE challenging instruction. Timeliness & Attendance guidelines and all primary theatre class principles apply. Students must be enrolled in the primary theatre class to be eligible for the workshop. The additional cost for the Theatre Workshop is $20.00 per semester. If your older theatre student is interested in joining this workshop, please indicate this on your registration. ***

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