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ANY homeschoolers (not just BHLC members) are welcome to join BHLC's Yahoo group for homeschool support, discussions, news, and field trip information!


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About BHLC

We are a secular homeschooling group which means we are not specifically connected with any one church or religion. Our members come from all walks of life and belief systems and are united by a desire to educate our children in a stimulating, respectful environment.

We offer support and opportunities for ALL homeschooling families and we welcome all without regard to religion, race, ability/disability, or cultural belief. We continually strive to offer new educational opportunities and experiences for each child who joins our group. Parent and child involvement is essential for growth, and we encourage all to participate in classes and activities.

Registration for Spring 2015

Members will register beginning on January 5 and NEW members will register on January 12.

Members will receive an email about how to register.

For new members, I will post information on the BHLC Yahoo Groups on January 12 about
how to register. If you have any ?s, please email Wendi.