Registration for members will begin January 11th. NEW member registration will begin January 16th. (For interested new members: Please note we are at or near capacity for many grade levels, particularly prek through 6th grade.)

To register, please email with student information and class selection. 

Spring 2017 dates:

Feb: 1, 8, 15, 22
March: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
April: 5, 12, 19

Class Schedule

9:00-9:40…..Theatre Workshop


11:00-11:55………..Class 1


12:35-1:30………..Class 2

Theatre Workshop: (9:00-9:40): $20 A continuation of our fall class for our theatre students age 10 and up.

Theatre: (9:45-10:55) $55 For more information about our theater program click here. (Your child will need to have been registered for theatre in the fall to sign up for the spring semester.)


Class 1:  (11:00- 11:55) How Our Gardens Grow (Crystal G.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

In this class we will get our hands dirty, playing with ideas ranging from weather to bugs, all the things that help our garden grow (or don’t).

Class 2: (12:35-1:30) The Cat in the Hat knows A Lot About Preschool (Jacyln) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Who better to instill a lifetime love of learning than Dr. Suess?  In this book club we will explore the world around through Suess’s colorful illustrations.  There are so many lessons to be learn like, being grateful for what you have, celebrating your individuality, being kind to others, and respecting the environment .   We will of course be developing other preschool skills such as – patterns, rhyming words, sight words, and number sequence.  So come learn along with us and see all of the places we will go.  Your mothers won’t mind at all if you do.


Class 1:  (11:00- 11:55) STEM Class (Kim B.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

In this class, we will explore science, technology, engineering and math! We will be learning about the strongest shapes, properties of matter, surface tension, magnets, some simple coding, and more! At the end of the semester, we will put some of the things we’ve learned to work by having an egg drop competition!

Class 2: (12:35-1:30) Home Art Studio (Dawn A.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

We will follow along with the Home Art Studio series to create masterpieces each week. Students will be introduced to various art techniques and media, as well as  learn a little about past artists and the unique styles they are known for.


Class 1:  (11:00- 11:55) Plants! (Rachel E.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

In this class, we will explore plants around the world, as well as in our own backyard. Students will learn basic plant biology, and what plants need to survive. We will also look at the importance of plants in our world, the different environments plants grow in, and the various types of plants that grow around us.

Class 2: (12:35-1:30) Measurement Mania (Craig R.) $45

We’re going to measure stuff! Distance, area, volume, time, speed, weight, temperature, and more. We’ll convert between units, create compound quantities, quantify uncertainties, and graph our results. And of course we’ll draw conclusions from our data and learn that accurate and precise measurement is the foundation of the scientific method.

2nd and up

Class 1 & 2 (11:00-11:50 OR 12:35-1:30) Mechanical Models (Melissa B.) $45 CLASSES ARE FULL

In this class we will build mechanical models to explore engineering concepts. We will begin with simple machines and also build variations on common machines. Students will follow pre-designed models in the first weeks, with the future goal of applying these concepts to their own designs. This is a multi-age class with plenty of opportunity for upward differentiation to complex projects.  There is a baseline of manual dexterity, sustained attention, and independent work that is essential for the class to work as planned. Please only enroll if your student has the fine motor skills, patience, and subject interest to fiddle with small pieces and complicated constructions. Please choose either Class 1 or Class 2 for your interested student, grades 2 and up. 


Class 1:  (11:00- 11:55) Core Skills Language Arts (Kathryn B.) $45

This class is designed to help students master core language skills, writing skills, and research skills they will need to excel in all academic areas.

Each lesson is presented in a “Rule-Example-Practice” format to encourage independent learning. Ample practice allows students to apply what they’ve learned and helps students achieve mastery grade-level skills. For example; nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, mechanics, sentences, vocabulary and usage, writing, research skills. Students must have a basic reading proficiency in order to benefit from this class.

Class 2: (12:35-1:30) This is Not a Math Class (Kelly S.) $45 CLASS IS FULL
How many circles can you fit into a finite space? Can you make a curve by drawing only straight lines? Why do so many things in nature come in sets of 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on? In this class we will explore the answers to these questions and more. Students will apply concepts of geometry to create works of art and find unusually perfect patterns in nature. Circles become mandalas. Triangles become tessellations. We’ll look deep into fractals and create a larger-than-life-size one of our own, and we’ll discover the secret to making the perfect spiral. Ultimately, students will see that math is all around us and using it can be beautiful and exciting!


Class 1a:  (11:00- 11:55) Intro to Psychology (Linda D.) $45
This course will be a survey in basic psychology and is a continuation of the fall psychology course. It will use online material and the Crash Course Psychology video series. Students are required to watch the relevant short videos before class, complete the worksheets, and participate in class discussions.  Advanced students are encouraged to also read the online material and take lecture notes.
The course will be taught by Linda Denny, a BHLC parent and board member who holds a masters of science degree in psychology obtained from the University of Kentucky.

Crash Course:

Class 1b:  (11:00- 11:55) Introduction to Arabic Language and Culture (Kristin T.) $45

This course will introduce students to basic conversational Arabic, Arab culture, geography and history. Classes will divide into two sections with the first half of class focusing on conversational and written Arabic and the second half on discussion of the Arab diaspora. While the semester is too short to expect fluency in the language, students should walk away with a basic ability to write and sound out Arabic text and hold basic conversations as well as having developed a deeper understanding of important relevant topics like art, literature, other cultural and historical achievements of the Arab world, Arab vs Muslim identity, etc. My goal is to help your student develop a budding interest in this dynamic and ancient language as well as be able to speak intelligently when presented with information/ideas about Arabic people or geo-political concerns as addressed in the media. Important to note, religious topics will be discussed and presented from a non-biased/neutral position (for instance what is the difference between Sunni/Shiite) and we will not shy away from tough topics, but we’ll also be cooking and designing calligraphy like the traditional activities one would find in a High School language course.

While not a native speaker, Kristin Thompson has a B.A. in French language from Indiana University-Indianapolis and an A.A. from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. Prior to homeschoolig her crew, she worked in translation and Arabic Intelligence Services for the Federal Government for 12 years.

Class 2a: (12:35-1:30) Introduction to Sociology (Shannon W.) $45

This class will introduce students to the tools (theories and methods) that sociologists use to generate scientific knowledge about our society. I wish to share these tools with our youth so that they too may become interested in investigating the important and complex social conditions and relationships that define our current of moment. In sum, the goal of this class is to help students deepen their understanding of the origins of our contemporary society, its current structure- including the mechanisms that determine its patterned outcomes and likely future. The themes that we will explore, may include but are not limited to:

Inequality, exploitation, racism, sexism, war, globalization, pop culture, social and technological change, climate change, religion, ideology, political-economic projects that defined the 20th and 21st Century including capitalism, socialism, fascism, anarchism.

Aside from the class goals that are related strictly to the content of the subject matter, I will also focus on teaching the methods by which students can become more effective readers and writers. I wish to help students develop their ability to take good notes, and effectively annotate their readings so they can become critical readers, digest complex ideas, and formulate informed questions.

Class 2b: (12:35-1:30) Rhetoric and Composition (Bill B.) $45

Students in this class will get intensive instruction on writing skills for both college and professional applications. Assignments will include writing college application essays, job cover letters, persuasive writing, and research papers.

Students enrolling in this course MUST have access to word processing software and a printer and should be prepared to spend time outside of class working on writing assignments. Class time will NOT be spent crafting individual writing assignments, but instead will be used to critique students’ writing and work on improving grammar, syntax, style, tone, and content for the assignment(s) being reviewed.

The goal is to prepare students for the writing demands they will encounter in a college or professional environment. Students should already be proficient in reading and writing prior to taking the class.