Homeschooling in Kentucky
Starting to homeschool can be very confusing and stressful, but it can also be very rewarding and fun. The first thing when you decide to homeschool is to know the homeschool laws in your state. Find homeschool requirements, an example letter of intent, and lots of good information in this Kentucky Homeschool Info Packet (the link will open a .pdf.) from the Kentucky Education Department .

What do you mean by a secular co-op?

BHLC is not anti-religion but rather we are not specifically related to any particular religion. People of all beliefs are welcome at BHLC but are requested to be respectful of differing belief systems while at co-op or BHLC sponsored activities. By doing this, we can keep our emphasis on the students and their education while providing the benefits of diversity.


Who can participate in BHLC?

ANY HOMESCHOOLERS!! We are a secular group that includes and welcomes any religion, race, ability or disability, or cultural beliefs. We seek families who want the best for their children, both educationally and in life.


How do I register for BHLC?

Directions for registration will be put on the home page of this BHLC website, the BHLC Facebook page, the Central Kentucky Homeschool Social Group Facebook page,  and the Lexington Homeschool Yahoo Group. These are usually posted about 1-2 months before the semester begins.


Does BHLC have membership dues?

No, BHLC does not have membership dues. We try to keep costs to a minimum for all families.


Do we have to sign up for all the classes?

No, you can decide what classes will benefit your family the best. You only pay for and take the classes and clubs that you want.


What can I expect the first day at BHLC?

The first day of any semester can be hectic. If you are joining in the fall, we will begin the first day of classes with a meeting for parents and students. The time of this meeting will be emailed to all members before the semester begins. In this meeting, we will go over the rules, what we expect from the students, any changes from the previous year and which rooms the classes are held. Students (ages 5 and above) will be required to sign a Code of Conduct at this time. After the meeting, we will start with the first day of class.


Who is considered a BHLC member?

Any parent or guardian of a child currently enrolled in a BHLC class or club or who has already registered and paid for the upcoming semester is considered a member of BHLC. Any members at the end of a current school year are considered members over the course of the summer as well, unless they specifically withdraw. Families that only participate in field trips that are organized by BHLC are not considered members

Does everyone have to volunteer at the Co-op?
Yes! We are not a drop off facility, we are a true cooperative and need everyone’s help. If your child(ren) are taking a class or club, it is imperative that you volunteer to help somewhere, somehow. Volunteering could be something as easy as sitting in a class to help a teacher for an hour or sweeping the floor. Individual volunteer time should be about an hour a week. The only exception is that theatre parents will be asked to take on added volunteer responsibilities at that time in order to keep the production running smoothly.


How are classes and clubs chosen?

Members will be polled, generally via email or online survey at the end of each Spring semester. From these results, the board of directors attempts to offer the types of classes and clubs most wanted by the membership and their children.

Suggestions may be provided to any of  the BHLC Board of Directors in person or by email. The board of directors will determine if the suggested class or activity would be beneficial to the majority of the BHLC membership and, if so, will attempt to implement it.


How does BHLC find teachers?

Each semester,  the board of directors asks members to consider volunteering to teach a class at the Co-op. Teachers are given one credit (at the standard class rate) for each hour that they teach. If you are interested in teaching a class, contact a member of  the board of directors.

If the majority of the membership has requested a class that no BHLC member is able to teach, the board of directors will try to find a teacher from outside the membership.


Can someone who is not taking a BHLC class participate in field trips and fairs?

Often BHLC organizes field trips for homeschoolers. Unless the field trip specifically says it is for only for members of a class or club (which is rare) everyone is welcome to participate.

Non-BHLC members who sign up for any free field trips are required to submit a $10.00 refundable deposit (per family per trip). Please mail a check to BHLC as a guaranteed reservation. This deposit will be refunded to you when you show up to the field trip or if the BHLC trip is cancelled.


Does BHLC participate in any community service opportunities?

Throughout the year, we try to offer some community service projects that we can do as a group. In past years, we have participated in many activities in the area. Participation is not mandatory. If you have an idea for BHLC to volunteer, please contact a member of the board of directors.


What is the job of the BHLC Board of Directors?

The BHLC Board of Directors oversees the co-op and the distribution and responsibilities of the BHLC funds. The main priority of the board is to assure the future of BHLC for present and future homeschoolers in the Central Kentucky area.

Benefits to being on the board of directors include two free class credits per semester and early registration for classes. If you are interested in serving on the board, contact a member of  the BHLC Board of Directors.

How can I make a suggestion or comment to BHLC?
Suggestions and comments are always welcome. We appreciate any input you give and will consider all suggestions for improvements. You can either contact the BHLC Board of Directors  in person, by email or by phone.


How can I connect with other homeschoolers in the area?

Joining BHLC or the Lexington Homeschoolers Yahoo page is a great way to connect with other homeschoolers. Facebook also has a group called Central Kentucky Homeschool Social Group.