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Fall 2016 Class dates:

Sept: 15, 22, 29
Oct: 6, 13, 20, 27
Nov: 3, 10, 17
Dec: 1, 8
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Class Schedule


11:00-11:55………..Class 1


12:35-1:30………..Class 2


Theater: (9:45-10:55) $55 For more information about our theater program click here.


Class 1 (11:00-11:55)  The Very Busy Preschooler (Dawn A) $45

We will spend the semester learning from the world of Eric Carle! Each week will feature an Eric Carle book, accompanied by educational activities to supplement the theme. Our preschoolers will do hands on science, art, music, and more! Max number of students: 8-10

Class 2 (12:35-1:30) Pattern Planet (Melissa R.) $45

Wonderful and colorful patterns occur everywhere around us! We will learn about animals and ecology as we identify examples of patterns in nature- from fish scales to lemur tales. We’ll make pattern prints and art, use our bodies to find patterns in dance and song, and have lots of fun with our friends. Max no students: 8-10

Kindergarten-1st (ages 5-6)

Class 1 (11:00-11:55) Conservation Education (Kathryn B) $45

This is a class for 5 & 6 year old kids to help them understand and appreciate natural resources and learn how to conserve those resources for future generations. Children will realize they have a responsibility and the ability to use natural resources wisely. Max students: 10.

Class 2 (12:35-1:30) Yoga and Creative Movement (Arwen W.) $45

Yoga is not only good for little ones’ minds and bodies– it can also be a lot of fun! In this class, we’ll explore the playful side of yoga and creative movement, doing poses and exercises inspired by animals, trees, and tools (such as wheels and plows). We’ll do breathing exercises that calm the nervous system, and that kids love to do– exercises like balloon breath, volcano breath, bumblebee breath, and lion’s breath. We’ll incorporate games, songs, and storytelling, too. Max number of students: 10.


Class 1 (11:00-11:55)  Small World Geography (Kelly Y.) $45

We’ll be studying the different landscapes, cultures, and environments of the Earth. We’ll also touch upon how past populations affected the Earth and what we can do, in the present, to preserve our planet. In short, we’ll learn about the different land/water masses, continents, and cultures of the world. Max students – 12

Class 2 (12:35-1:30) Mad Scientists- Chemistry (Hannah H.) $45

An active and hands-on class for grades 1-3 where we will get messy and have fun as we learn about atoms and molecules, elements, chemical reactions, states of matter, and more! Students will practice using the scientific method, accurately measuring solids and liquids, and working in groups. We will also make time for open experimentation – maybe even a bit of potion brewing! Fluent reading and writing skills would be useful but not required for participation. Most experiments will use harmless household ingredients but students must be able to follow instructions and refrain from grabbing, drinking, or dumping their concoctions as necessary. Max number of students: 12.


Class 1 (11:00-11:55) Intro to Shakespeare (Kelly S.) $45

We will dive into the works and world of the Bard of Avon using methods from the book How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. Rather than reading entire plays, we will practice reciting and acting out select passages and scenes from several plays including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Twelfth Night, and Romeo and Juliet. Students will become familiar with the poetry and literary elements that make Shakespeare unique. Most importantly, they will learn that Shakespeare can be fun! Max number of students: 12

Class 2 (12:35-1:30) Intro to Body Movement and Physical Health (Carrie W.) $45

This class will provide an overview of different types of exercises and why we should foster them into our lifestyles in a way that is fun, encouraging and non-judgmental. We will learn about the exercise form (say, Tai Chi, for example) and the history of it and what the benefits would be and a quick study of the muscle groups it speaks to and then practice the exercise as well. Max number of students: 12. 


Class 1 (11:00-11:55) Great Thinkers / Epic History (Pete K.) $45

It has often been great thinkers that have heavily influenced major social/political movements. The idea in this class is to research, read, and write about some of history’s key social and political movements along with those great thinkers that helped cultivate them. We will collectively choose which social movements to study, but some possible examples might be Industrialization; First Wave Imperialism; Women’s Rights; Bio-Technology; Postmodernism…. All participants will work at their own pace and will only complete whatever level/amount of work they feel best about — in coordination with their parents.

Class 1 (11:00-11:55) Advanced Photography (Tina B.) $45

An advanced photography class focusing on weekly assignments and critiques. Students should have a good understanding of exposure and how their camera works. Students should expect to shoot every week and turn in images or bring on their own computer to share with the class for open critique every other week depending on class size. Students will build a solid foundation of exposure, composition, and how to objectively review their own work and the work of others in a friendly and constructive environment. Max number of students: 4.

Class 2 (12:35-1:30) Exploring Color (Michelle H.) $55

Students will be exposed to the amazing world of color, form, and techniques to explore ways of expression through watercolor, colored pencil, and sculpture.  Lots of freedom to create, share, and learn from each other.  No art experience necessary… just a willingness to be open to each other and share in a safe and supportive environment. Max number of students: 10.