Registration for members will begin August 14TH. NEW member registration will begin August 17th. 

To register, please email with student name, age/grade level and class selection on the appropriate date. 

Fall 2017 Class dates:

Sept: 14, 21, 28
Oct: 5, 12, 19, 26
Nov: 2, 9, 16, 30
Dec: 7
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Class Schedule

9:00-9:40…..Theatre Workshop


11:00-11:55………..Class 1


12:35-1:30………..Class 2

Theatre Workshop (10 & up): (9:00-9:40) $20 This year, we are offering to interested students (ages 10 and up) a supplemental Theatre Workshop which will meet Thursday mornings from 9:00-9:40am. This workshop will enhance the experience for older students of the primary theatre class through more intensive exploration of acting techniques and scene work. Physicalization, vocal health & projection, stage combat, character development, dialects, text analysis, and a variety of stagecraft topics may be considered in greater depth as they correlate with the build of the Spring production. Other topics, such as audition techniques & etiquette, theatre fundamentals & history, etc. – may be tackled based on student interest and available time. While the workshop environment is informal and conversational (and ours will also be very interactive and dynamic), it is important to clarify that this is a workshop geared to the requests of students/parents wanting MORE challenging instruction. Timeliness & Attendance guidelines and all primary theatre class principles apply. Students must be enrolled in the primary theatre class to be eligible for the workshop.

Theater (7 & up): (9:45-10:55) $55 For more information about our theater program click here. (This is a two semester commitment.)


Class 1:  (11:00- 11:55) On the Farm (Sarah F.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Let’s discover the world of farm life together. During this term we will visit some farms (in the classroom) and learn about some of the animals and their jobs. We will visit different types of farms and look at the farmer’s jobs and some of the equipment they use. We’ll also explore their fields and learn about planting and harvesting some of the different crops that come from farms.

Class 2: (12:35-1:30) Play School (Jacyln) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Children are playful by nature.  Through structured play, they develop a positive approach to learning.  This semester we will concentrate on developing the skills your child will use throughout their school career.   For example, developing gross & fine motor skills through parachute games and other manipulatives.  We will investigate rhythm, dance and music making.  We will learn the art of cooperation and negotiation; as well as, how to take turns and play by the rules of a game.  We will also test our creative side through art and theatrical role playing.  Come play along with us.


Class 1 (11:00-11:55) Choose My Plate (Kathryn B.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Your child will explore how to make healthy food choices. This program from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Team Nutrition initiative offers some fun and easy tips for building healthier family meals that include the five food groups. Today, about half of all American adults have one or more chronic diseases, often related to poor diet. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasizes the importance of creating a healthy eating pattern to maintain health and reduce the risk of disease. Everything we eat and drink — the food and beverage choices we make day to day and over our lifetime — matters.

Class 2 (12:35 – 1:30) Connections (Erin M.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

This class integrates age appropriate activities within the confines of friendship, feelings and the awareness of others, as well as celebrating the diversity in our communities and families. Each class will consist of the following outline:

  • Class beings with 5 minutes of stretching, being aware of the breath. While we are stretching we will go around the room and let everyone share happy news.
  • There will be 1-2 books with 2-4 site words we will use/discuss. I will bring an elementary dictionary and we will introduce the idea of looking words up to find their meanings. The book and site words will be discussed. (15 minutes)
  • Activity (ies) will pertain to the book and site words (25 minutes).
  • Students will each have a chance to get up and share what they did during activity time with the rest of the class. (10 minutes)
  • Everyone will help to clean up after class before they are dismissed. (5 minutes)


Class 1a (11:00-11:55) Fairy Tale Mix-Up (Melissa R. ) $45 CLASS IS FULL

This class will explore a mixed-up land of fairy tales. Students will learn the elements that make up fairy tales- from plot to characters to themes and commonly used tropes. From there we will create our own original stories and scenes from these building blocks of traditional tales by using writing exercises, games, art, drama, and other fun activities  that stretch the imagination. There will be opportunities for supplemental work to be done at home (though not required).  We will not be stressing the mechanics of writing and reading, but on developing their writing voice and getting thoughts onto the paper. Students at all ability levels for the mechanics of reading and writing are welcome and accommodations will be made (and tips shared with parents) but to get the most out of the class, students should be able to maintain focus during read aloud activities.


Class 1b (11:00-11:55)Artistic Response (Melissa B.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Inspired by Margaret Foley’s The (Un)Making of a Reader and the work of Louise Rosenblatt, we will use literature, works of art, and music as starting points to explore the appreciation of extant works and the important role of creative expression in our own lives. We will paint, draw, collage, etc. to create two-dimensional art in response to literature, works of art or music, and themes selected by the students. Our young artists will explore color, composition, and line as means to express and evoke emotion in their work. Our focus and methods will emphasize and encourage personal response, diverse interpretations, and individual freedom in the creation of works of art.

Class 2a (12:35-1:30) String Music (Bryan H.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

A beginning music class featuring string instruments (guitar, bass, mandlin, ukulele, banjo, all are welcome).  Students will be required to provide and bring their instruments to class (instruments can be rented inexpensively from music shops like Doowop). It will be a fun and adaptations will used depending on the students level and size of class. All students will learn and perform songs together. It is not required that students be able to read music.

Class 2b (12:35-1:30) Talk Like an Animal (Hannah H.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

From the birds and the bees to whales and chimpanzees, animals have a lot to say! In this class we’ll explore some of the different ways and reasons animals communicate, as well as the physiology, chemistry, and physics that make it possible. This class will build on information taught in Evolution last semester and students enrolling should come in with a good understanding of both evolution and reproduction


Class 1 (11:00-11:55) Poetry Teatime (Kelly S.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Is there a better way to enjoy the luscious language and resonant rhythm of poetry than with a cup of tea and a tempting treat? I think not. In this class we will explore poetry in different forms from around the world. Each class will be split into two parts: teatime and freewriting. During teatime we will read everything from riddles and limericks to sonnets and ballads, all while sampling delicious refreshments. Rather than picking apart the mechanics of different poems, we will simply read, listen, and enjoy the beautiful words from the page. Freewriting will be done in class (there will be minimal homework), and could range from simple poems to more elaborate stories. We will also have a class recitation piece, of which each student will memorize a portion. Along the way, we will learn the fascinating history of tea and its impact on cultures around the world.
(Note: the concept for this class is based on the Brave Writer Lifestyle. You can find more information at **Please disclose any food allergies when registering for this class.**)

Class 2 (12:35-1:30) US Civics (Bill B.) $45 CLASS IS FULL

Students will learn about the three branches of US Government; checks and balances, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and other key amendments; the role of the press in a free democracy; and the rights and duties of citizenship. Please note that while every effort will be made to keep lectures non-partisan, students will be given opportunities to explore and discuss several political topics and related current events.


Class 1: (11:00-11:55) Introduction to Sociology(Shannon W.) $45

This class will introduce students to the tools (theories and methods) that sociologists use to generate scientific knowledge about our society. I wish to share these tools with our youth so that they too may become interested in investigating the important and complex social conditions and relationships that define our current of moment. In sum, the goal of this class is to help students deepen their understanding of the origins of our contemporary society, its current structure- including the mechanisms that determine its patterned outcomes and likely future. The themes that we will explore, may include but are not limited to:

Inequality, exploitation, racism, sexism, war, globalization, pop culture, social and technological change, climate change, religion, ideology, political-economic projects that defined the 20th and 21st Century including capitalism, socialism, fascism, anarchism.

Aside from the class goals that are related strictly to the content of the subject matter, I will also focus on teaching the methods by which students can become more effective readers and writers. I wish to help students develop their ability to take good notes, and effectively annotate their readings so they can become critical readers, digest complex ideas, and formulate informed questions.

Ultimately, the course will be tailored to accommodate the needs of the students who enroll, with respect to their level of writing, reading, and critical thinking. Every student is different. Each comes to the table at a varying level of reading and writing development, so I’d rather not put arbitrary age restrictions on enrollment.  I have in mind a mix of middle school and high school students, 12ish/13 years and up.  However, I leave this up to the students and their parents to decide if whether or not this class is a good fit. Personally, I think we have a lot of kids who are ready for a class like this.   I also think that it is possible to teach these concepts to younger people.  Elijah, for instance is somewhat familiar with most of themes listed above.   And I know that he and many of his BHLC friends have discussions related to many of these themes. I think of this class as part 2 of Pete’s class. I also imagine it to share some overlap with Craig’s philosophy of science class.  But again, the expectations will be tailored to fit the mix of kids who enroll.

Class 2: (12:35-1:30) Introduction to Psychology (Linda D.) $45

This course will be a survey in basic psychology. It will use a college level textbook: Psychology (6th Edition) by Hockenbury and Hockenbury. (Students do not need to purchase the book as readings will be provided.)  Students can opt for either a discussion path or a writing path. The discussion path will involve reading before class and talking about the readings in class, while the writing path will involve completing the readings and submitting written responses to discussion prompts.

The course will be taught by Linda Denny, a BHLC parent and board member who holds a masters of science degree in psychology obtained from the University of Kentucky.